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Debut film The Veranda was awarded Best Foreign Feature Film at the Los Angeles International Independent Film Festival 2002

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Biography of Marco Zaffino

Marco Zaffino was born 4th March 1973 in Huddersfield, UK and came into filmmaking through visual arts and novel writing, the two disciplines being a perfect combination for Screenwriting and Directing. He is prolific in all his disciplines, exhibiting as a solo or group artist, directing three feature films: The Veranda (Best Foreign Feature LAIIFF 2002), The Vendetta – 2003, Spoken By Crowds - 2005, writing nine feature screenplays a book of short stories and three novels. He is presently working on his 4th novel Spoken By Crowds and 4th feature film: We Are Hoodwinks.
Marco Zaffino founded MinstrelWallEye Productions and Roro Films, which have produced the films above. All efforts now turn towards the next feature film We Are Hoodwinks.

Film Work
The Veranda  - 84 minutes Awarded Best Foreign Feature at Los Angeles IIFF 2002
The Vendetta- 79 minutes
Spoken By Crowds – 101 minutes

Screenplays (feature length)
The Veranda 1999
A-B (2001)
Pure Bred Chihuahua (2001)
The Vendetta  (2001)
The Charcoal Burner (2001)
We Are Hoodwinks (2002 in development)
Spoken By Crowds (2003)
The Fairy Tale of Rose and Magdalene (2005 1st draft)
Iris 1503-1538 (2005 2nd Draft)
The Walk (2006 in progress)
The Grey Hinterlands (2006 collaborative work in progress)

Passers Bye – (2003)
The Arc – (2003)
Iris 1503-1538 (9 min Monologue)

Novels and Short Stories
Here, There, But Nowhere In Particular (Short Stories)
Trees, Fern, Books and a Bluebird (Novella)
Mint Ice Cream (Novel)
Pure Bred Chihuahua (Novel)
Spoken By Crowds (Novel in Progress)

Art Works
Shadow Clean - February 2001, Organised the cleaning of the shadows laid down on the road by Trees
Vane ’98 - November '98, group show of 38 contemporary artists in Newcastle Solo Exhibition - August '98, "Roundabout Pumpkin", Red Gallery, HullStringBridge - April '98, 2 site specific environmental pieces. Taking of 1000m of string from one side of a valley to another
Dean Clough - June '98 Group show of 4, Tom Wood, Jack Attree, Stefano Bonacci

Unauthorized Artworks

Jan/Feb 1994 - Hull City Centre - 9 site specific projects
April 1994 - London City Centre - 77 random sites, including the Hayward Gallery, The National Gallery, Serpentine Gallery, Various Cork Street Galleries, The Underground and Various Billboards.
August 1998 - Planted 9 pumpkin seedlings on Roundabouts in conjunction with painting exhibition

Tigre Doe – Solo CD, musical composition, lyrics, guitar and vocals
The Vendetta Score  - In collaboration with Rob Allen composed under the name Orange Utans MWE with guest musicians Inder Goldfinger, Nuccio Di Maio, Ruth Sunderland and Abdullah Hamzah Spoken By Crowds score 2005
Marco has lectured in fine art at several colleges.

He has story-boarded five of his screenplays, made the web-site and worked on various graphical design projects, but his main goal is to enliven the independent film and art scene.